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My Story

Welcome to the world of Jen Hardy, where authenticity is celebrated, and personal growth is the heartbeat of every journey. Jen's story is one of transformation and relentless pursuit of purpose. Formerly a public educator and state championship soccer coach, she courageously left a successful career to explore the depths of her capabilities and seek her true calling. Jen's journey led her to the intersection of education, coaching, and personal development, where she discovered her unwavering passion for empowering others.


In the last five years, Jen has immersed herself in an array of subjects, from neuro-linguistic programming to timeline therapy and hypnosis. Her commitment to continuous learning is fueled by a belief that true mastery comes from acknowledging that learning is a lifelong journey. Each "ah-ha" moment, whether from audiobooks or new programming, adds to her arsenal of knowledge.


Central to Jen's philosophy is the belief that our deepest desires unfold when we take responsibility for our lives and recognize the vastness of what we don't know, that we don’t know. She champions the power of awareness as the first step toward genuine empowerment. This mindset propels her dedication to personal growth and drives her to share profound insights with others on their own transformative journeys.

Off the field, where she passionately engages in soccer and supports her family's Krav Maga business, Jen also devotes herself to empowering women through self-defense. Her leisure moments are filled with joy and connection, be it through painting, walks with enriching audiobooks, or quality time with loved ones. Jen's deep passion for travel and food provides her with opportunities to explore different cultures and further enrich her life.

As a professional speaker, Jen brings her authentic experiences and knowledge to the stage. Her talks are a powerful blend of motivation, personal growth, and the celebration of authenticity. Jen's engaging presence captivates audiences, leaving them inspired to embrace their true potential and navigate their unique paths to success.


Jen Hardy is more than a speaker; she's a passionate educator, coach, and lifelong learner who has discovered her true purpose lies in empowering others through education and personal growth. Her story is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability and the limitless possibilities that unfold when we dare to explore the unknown. Join Jen on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the celebration of your authentic self.

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