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I am on a mission to empower and educate women, supporting them to awaken from the illusions that confine them. By releasing the grip of the past, they can fearlessly step into their innate power and authentic selves. My purpose is to guide them towards a life filled with boundless joy, passion, and purpose!


Empowering Lives, Unleashing Potential: Jen Hardy, a passionate ex-soccer coach and educator turned speaker, brings a blend of inspiration, personal growth, and a touch of humor to every stage. Rooted in her Texan spirit, she empowers individuals to take charge of their lives. Here, she champions awareness, personal growth, and the pursuit of the unknown, guiding individuals to navigate their paths with confidence and celebrate the power of authenticity.

- Jen 

I gained tools that dramatically improve my ability to connect, communicate, and influence daily. I was also able to eliminate behaviors and thought patterns that were holding me back and making me less productive and less resilient. Unleashed, I am now more confident, creative, and adaptive in spite of all the challenges I face. And best of all, I’m able to use what I learned to elevate the performance and morale of my team."
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Self-reflection can be a difficult thing and being able to share thoughts with a supportive group of women with a facilitator such as you allowed me to feel seen and heard in a very rare way.  Knowing exactly how to break old patterns and make the changes you desire is not always easy; this experience gave me some real tools to reset my negative thinking and build better communication with those around me.
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Working with Jen has been utterly life-changing.  Jen has helped me break through the limitations I was putting on myself; judgments and perceptions that weren't based on anything except my internal issues. I now feel so free! Empowered! Ready to conquer anything thrown my way and walk-through life living my truth and no one else's.
Steph G.PNG


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